Athlete- What to take checklist
Bicycle Equipment
  Bicycle - Tuned and ready to race/ride
  1 pair of extra wheels (can be eliminated if club brings wheels)
  2 extra tires and tubes.
  Extra gears of different ratios, depending upon terrain and race/ride courses.
  Speciality tools needed that are not in club tool box.
  Water bottles (at least 4 per rider).
Clothing: casual Wear
  1 to 2 pair pants and/or skirts.
  Shorts (non-cycleing)
  Sweat pants for port-race wear.
  Socks: synthetic and wool if cold weather is at all possible.
  Warm hat: not a cotton cycling hat.
  1 pair of sneakers.
  Riding clothes.
Personal items
  Toiletry items (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc)
  Training diary
  Adress/phone-number book
  Appropriate rulebooks (if racing in a sanctioned event)
  Passport, if required
  USCF license
  Portable alarm clock
  Personal music system, batteries and CD's.
  Medication. Note: If you are taking any medication, even nonprescription you must notify your coach.
You must know that it is ultimatly the cycleist responsibility to know what you are putting into
your body.