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9/13/11 - Live Blood Morphology

What is live blood morphology? In this video I sit down with Brandy as she works with one her clients. Brandy explains the whole process for us as examines live blood through a microscope.
For more information on this visit Granite Bay Holistic Health Center at




8/3/11 - Cary Nosler and The Wide World of Health

On Aug 3rd 2011, I had the privilege of sitting down with Cary Nosler, the host of my all time favorite health show, The Wide World Of Health. Every week Cary interviews 2 fascinating guests in the field of Natural Health. check out the show every Sunday from 12:00pm to 2:00pm pacific time on 650am in Northern California or you can always listen online at



July 2011 - Support Your Local Farmers Market

In the month of June and July I took my video camera with me to my favorite Farmers Market. This market is located behind Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights CA. on Saturday mornings throughout the entire year, rain or shine. Farmers markets are a great place to get local, fresh, organic produce and locally made food products.



2/10/11 - The Run: Moving Natural Medicine Forward with Dr. Dennis Godby

On feb 10th 2011, I meet with Dr Dennis Godby to discuss his run across the United States. In a historic effort to publicize naturopathic medicine and spark a movement for natural medicine on Main Street America, Dr. Dennis Godby, ND, will run across the USA, for the second time, this time with his two sons Isaiah and Jeremiah, and nephew, Jonas Ely. The Run will begin in San Fransisco on July 17, 2011, and end in Bridgeport, CT on November 16, 2011. In this interview I ask Dr. Gody about what it takes to tackle such a feat and how many miles he will have to run to complete this mission. Please check out the Dr. Godby's The Run website at




2/10/11 - Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Dennis Godby

Dr. Dennis Godby is a Naturopathic Doctor that believes in treating the person as a whole and letting nature heal. He also believes in identifying and treating the true underlying cause of the disease in order for true healing to occur. In this interview I talk to Dr Godby about his beliefs and approach to helping the body heal and Dr. Godby shares some tips with us on eating right and some supplements that we can take to help us along the way. Dr. Godby believes in the 6 principles of naturopathic Medicine...1. First, do no harm; 2. Identify and treat causes; 3. Let nature heal; 4. Treat the whole person; 5. Educate patients; 6. Prevent illness
You can find Dr Gody at



2/3/11 - Supplements for the Cyclist or Athlete

On Feb 3rd 2011, Bruce Hendler, the owner of AthletiCamps, hosted a lecture on Supplementation. In this lecture Marlia Braun PhD, gave a lecture on supplements. The target audience for this lecture were cyclist but this informationcan applys to anyone interested in finding out more information about this topic. Find out more about AthletiCamps at
Supplements covered in this lecture are creatine, HmB-beta-hy, CLA, whey protein, carnitine, chromium, MCT, hydroxycitrate, glutamine, ornithine, BCAA's, androsteinedione, DHEA, Co-Enzyme Q, quercetin, Vitamin C & E, caffeine, pyruvate, B-complex, calcium, vit D, omega 3's, glucosamine, chrondrotin, whole foods.


12/15/10 - Azna Gluten Free interview with Dawna Destafeno

On Dec 15th 2010, I visited with Dawna who owns Azna Gluten Free located in Cameron Park CA. Here Dawna tells us about her strugle with Gluten and the solution she found. Dawna also shows us some of her amazing line of products she sells at the store such as waffles, brownies, pizza, scones, cinnamon rolls, bread loaves and more. Everything is 100% gluten free and 100% vegan and can mail products anywhere you might live.
Visit Azna Gluten Free at


10/13/10 - My Trip To Bitney Springs

A few weeks ago I took a short drive to an all natural spring called Bitney Springs. In my opinion, natural spring water is by far the best water you can drink. It's all natural and full of all the natural minerals from the earth, just as God intended.
To find a spring near you visit


08/27/10 - Brian Clement N.M.D., Ph.D. Lecture

Brian Clement N.M.D., Ph.D. is the director of Hippocrates Health Institute Life Change Program. On August 27th 2010, Brian gave an oustanding lecture at The Green Boheme cafe in North Sacramento. This video captured the first 1hr and 40min before my camera's battery ran out. Also please nore that the room goes dark as the evening got late and the house lights were turned off but you can still hear Brian speak if you turn up the volume. This video is property of HealthForwardOnline and Russ Bechthold and is published with the permission of Brian Clement.
visit Hippocrates Health Institute at

Link: Brian Clement at The Green Boheme Cafe 082710



07/31/10 - Natural Eyesight Improvement

On July 31st 2010 at The Raw Health Expo in Sebastopol CA. I meet up with Esther of Visions Of Joy. Esther talks about naturally improving eyesight and how she improved her own sight. Visit her website at


07/31/10 - Aaron Wolf Baum Ph.D. talks about Spirulina

July 31st 2010, I meet up with the folks from The Algae Lab where they grow their own Spirulina. Spirulina is a true superfood with benefits that include high beta carotene, 60% easy-to-digest vegetable protein without the fat and cholesterol of meat, A rare essential fatty acid that is a key to health, Iron for women and children's health, High in Vitamin B-12 and B Complex, Strengthens the immune system, Supports cardiovascular function and healthy cholesterol, and so much more. visit them at



07/10/10 - Organic Jack talks about wheatgrass

On July 10, 2010 I visited Organic Jack. For over 25 years he has provided fresh organic fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass to the community. Visit his farm at

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part 2


06/02/10 - Colonics Explained, with Dawn Throne of Fountain Of Health Wellness Center and Spa.

On June 2nd 2010, I had a colonic done at Fountain Of Health Wellness Center and Spa. In this video, the owner, Dawn Throne, explains the whole procedure and answers some of the most commonly asked questions. Visit the Fountain Of Health website at




05/18/10 - John Kohler Lecture "Just because it's raw doesn't mean it's healthy" and growing your greens in your front yard.

Did you know there are no labeling laws? Many things being sold as "raw" may not be raw and may not be as healthy as we have been led to believe. In this very informative lecture video, John shares his raw food journey and how to determine if a "raw" food is healthy or not. John also shares many other great tips and advice he has learned over the past 15 years of living on the raw foods and living diet.

Link: John Kohler Full Lecture 051810



05/15/10 - Dr. Joiner Lecture "A Tribute to Life Through Holistic Medicine"

On May 15th 2010 in Roseville CA. Dr Joiner gave a lecture about some of the protocols he uses at his office. Dr. Joiner has formulated a distinctive protocol that is proven and effective for all different types of patients including those undergoing or recovering from life-threatening illnesses to those ecsatic about reversing the symptoms of aging and even athletes obtaining higher levels of peak performance.

Link: Dr. Joiner Lecture 051510





03/30/10 - Steve Meyerowitz "The Sproutman" Kitchen Gardening and Growing Your Own Organic Greens

Steve Meyerowitz, known also as "The Sproutman" is a leading advocate for sprouting, juicing, fasting, wheatgrass, indoor gadening, raw foods and pure water. In this interview he talks about his basic beliefs as well as what he will be speaking about at his upcoming lecture in Sacramento May 4th 2010. Steve's website is



03/27/10 - John Kohler talks about Home Gardening

John has an amazing front yard garden. In this video John explains and encourages you to start your own garden at home. John also gives some great tips on how to get started and what to grow.



03/27/10 - John Kohler talks about choosing the right juicer

John Kohler is the owner of the website and in this video he explains some of the things to look for when choosing a juicer.



03/05/10 - Donna Gates talks about her book The Body Ecolocy Diet

On March 5th 2010, I interviewed best selling author Donna Gates. Her book, The Body Ecology Diet will show you how to restore and maintain the "inner ecology" your body needs to function properly and to eliminate or control the symptoms which rob you of the joy of living. In this interview Donna talks about some of the key principles we need to follow as well as proper food combining. Donna's website is .



02/02/10 - Daniel Vitalis promo for upcoming lecture on Feb 16th

This is a 9 min promo for Daniel Vitalis who will be speaking in Sacramento CA. on Feb 16th 2010 at The Art Of Food Restaurant located at 1825 Del Paso Blvd. Sacramento CA. 95815 from 6:30pm to approx 8:00pm. For more details email me at Also see details of this event on my Events Calendar page at Daniel Vitalis will explore *Why we are the only species confused about what to eat and how to stay healthy *How we can use nutrition to assist personal evolution. *The critical missing piece of the dietary puzzle that all nutrition books, diet lifestyles and health gurus Don't Know! *What is Human Domestication and what effect is it having on our health and the fulfillment of our life's purpose? *Use Shamanic Nutrition to rebuild yourself and your health in the age of post-industrial nutrition. Daniel's website is


1/3/10 - January Lemonade Cleanse

Every January I do a Lemonade Cleanse based on the Master Cleanser book by Stanley Burroughs. I also combine this cleanse with the information I learned from the Cleanse and Purify Thyself book by Richard Anderson, N.D., N.M.D.. Together I found this to be a profound cleanse.



12/19/09 - The Importance Of Vitamin D and my Vit D Test Results

 Here is a video of me explaining my own Vit D test results and what it means.




09/23/09 - Lisa Montgomery

On Friday October 23rd 2009, I sat down with Lisa Montgomery, author of the book Raw Inspiration: Living Dynamically with Raw Food. Lisa shares with us the positive benefits of eating a Raw and Living foods diet.



10/09/09 - Raw Chef Andi

In this interview I talk to Raw Chef Andi, author of The Fruit and Greens Diet: A 10 step guide for a lifetime of dietary health. Chef Andi talkes about how to lose weight, gain energy and get healthy. Chef Andi is a personal chef and instructor. She teaches raw food preperation throughout California.



09/26/2009 - Peggy McDonnell and Ken Brown

Peggy and Ken are the founders of Angels Health Institute. I sat down with them and talked about Angel's as well as other issues such as disease reversal for cancer.

Part 1


Part 2



Lecture and Demonstration
with Lillian Butler and Eddie Robinson of Raw Soul Restaurant in NYC. Lillian and Eddie will demonstrate how to create live food dishes that are simple, nutritious and satisfying.  You will learn the fundamentals of live food preparation such as recipe development and preparation techniques including soaking, sprouting, fermenting, marinating and blending.  Menu:
   Rejuvelac, Energy Soup, Pasta with Pesto Sauce,Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Part 1

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08/08/2009 - Angela Elliott interview

On Aug 8th, 2009 I sat down with Angela Elliott. Angella is the author of many books including Alive in 5 : Raw Gormet meals in five minutes. She is the inventor of Raw gourmet meals in 5 minutes, Raw vegan dog food and Nut free cuisine.

In this 20 minute interview, Angela talks about everything from Raw food, Bio-Dynamic Gardening, Enzymes, Proper Balance, Moving your body, Gratitude and much more. Angela Elliott is a practitioner in holistic modalities, including Chinese medicine, herbology, reflexology and intuitive healing. She is the owner and operator of Celestial Raw Goddess Enterprises, which promotes her passion for the raw food lifestyle as a life-enhancing philosophy of natural wellness.
Visit her website at

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8/8/2009 - Craig B. Sommers, N.D., C.N., Cell Phone Dangers With Electromagnetic Radiation

On Saturday Aug 8th 2009, I sat down with Craig B. Sommers, N.D., C.N. as he explains the dangers of using cell phones that transmit electromagnetic radiation through the ear piece. Dr Sommers then gives a demonstration of a safe option to use. Visite Dr. Sommers website at



8/8/2009 - Craig B. Sommers, N.D., C.N., Talks about his new book Raw Foods Bible

On Saturday Aug 8th 2009, I sat down with Dr. Craig Sommers and he talks about his book, The Raw Foods Bible. The Raw Foods Bible is about the secrets of longevity and vibrant health, the science behind living foods, gormet live food recipes by top chefs, acid-alkaline balancing, how to regulate body temperature with food and much much more.
Purchase his book at



8/4/2009 - Craig B. Sommers, N.D., C.N., The Keys To Longevity And Vibrant Health Lecture

HealthForward Online had the privilege of hosting Dr. Craig Sommers at The Art Of Food on 8/4/09 in Sacramento.Craig talks about nutrition, food as medicine, cancer prevention, safe cellular phone use, electromagnetic radiation and the mind body connection

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08/01/09 - Kevin Gianni of The Renegade Health Show

On Aug 1st 2009, Kevin Gianni of The Renegade Health Show gave a lecture at The Art Of Food in Sacramento. Kevin talks about his new book High Raw, A Simple approach to Health, Eating and Saving the Plnet. Event hosted by Russ of HealthForward Online and The Art Of Food Cafe. Visit Kevin and his wife Annmarie at their website