Recommended Internet Links

Great explanation of Naturopathy and why I chose this field

Vaccinating our children

Site of the famous Lemonade Diet

Food Safety & comprehensive food additives list

If you or a loved one has cancer, you need to visit this site.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Lead by Dr. Neal Barnard. Great Site!

Health Freddom, not Govornment Censorship

Serious about defeating your Cancer? Go Here!

The Gerson Institute

Excellent Alternative Cancer treatment

Hands down my favorie Naturopathic Doctor! Dr Gregg Tefft


A huge resourse for your guide to Health, Balance and Transformation

Fansastic site for people who want to stop Diabetes before it stops you.


American College For The Advancement In Medicine. A huge resource of natural cancer treatments
Independent Cancer Research Foundation at Another great site for links to many alternative cancer treatments
Autism Sites

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carry's site on Autism cure