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     “Man lives on one quarter of what he eats. On the other three quarters lives his  doctor
   On an Egyptian Pyramid, 3800 B.C.

The health benefits of a fast is undeniable. The early work of Dr. Herbert M. Shelton was succesful in treating thouands of patients, without drugs and surgery. Today Dr. Joel Fuhrman is another brave and forward thinking doctor that treats patients by using his doctor supervised fast. You can read more about them yourself by doing an internet search on there names or by buying the books they have published. There are many other I could mention but these two doctors are at the top of my list. Let me make one thing very clear, a true fast is a fast that omites all food and juice and a true fast is water only and should be supervised by a health care practitioner.

This Lemonade based diet is only a fast from solid foods and does not provide the body with the dramatic heath benefits that a water only fast provides because on a juice fast the body still gets feed nutrition and therefore not truely "at rest". However, by stopping the normal solid food eating routine that your body is used to 3 or more times a day, will allow your body to rest and heal in a way it may have never done before! The bodies ability to heal is truely an amazing thing but during a fast, the healing ability is almost limitless. Most people will not even consider a water only fast but many people would consider a juice fast and it is for this reason that so many people have tried and succeded at juice fasting.

"Many are racing to an early death with there knives and forks" --RDB

For the sake of your health, put your eating utensils down once in a while and let your body heal! Constantly eating and even frequent small meals has been shown to lead to more calories consumed at the end of the week. In addition, in scientific studies, reduced meal frequency increases the lifespan of both rodents and monkeys, even when the calories consumed each week were the same in the group fed more frequently and the group fed less frequently.** The body needs time between meals to finish digesting, because when digestion has ended the body can more effectively detoxify and promote cellular repair. To maximize your health, it is not in your best interest to be constantly eating and digesting food.

The HealthForward Lemonade Cleanse is based on information gathered from 4 different cleanse programs. The first is from the famous book The Master Cleanser by Stanly Burroughs. This cleanse is based on cleaning the colon with a lemonade and maple syrup diet with no other food source, as well as a salt water flush and herbal laxative tea. The second is based on the widely popular book Cleanse and Purify Thyself by Richard Anderson, N.D., N.M.D.. This cleanse uses a variety of herbal formulas, probiotics and a liquid Bentonite Clay, psyllium husk shake. The Bentonite shake is really the cornerstone of what makes this cleanse so effective and is the reason why it is included in the Lemonade HealthForward Cleanse. The third is based on the book Prostate Health in 90 days by Larry Clapp. Larry Clapp successfully cured his Prostate Cancer by applying a regime of Stanly Burroughs diet along with the Bentonie/Psyllium shake found in the Dr. Irons Fast, which is a classic colon cleanse and fast utilized by colonic professionals for more than 50 years. Prostate Health in 90 Days also utilizes a parasite cleanse program during this cleanse. The fourth is based on another hugely successful heavy metal detox product called Natural Cellular Defense. Natural cellular Defense is a patented protected product that uses activated Zeolites to remove heavy metals from the body, support a healthy immune system and help balance the PH levels in the body. There have been studies conducted that shows an increased effectiveness of these zeolites along with a fast and that is why Natural cellular defense is an absolute requirement on the Lemonade HealthForward Cleanse. The Zeolites contained in Natural cellular defense are so effective in assisting the body to remove heavy metals that it is strongly suggested that this be used on a regular basis even after this lemonade cleanse is complete.
  I have done all of these cleanses personally myself several times and it wasn’t until I combined several elements of these cleanses into one that I experienced outstanding results.
   So much can be said here about why we need to fast and do a colon cleanse but instead I want to refer you to the experts and there books. I do not encourage anyone to do this fast unless they have educated themselves first by reading the following books in this order.

  1. The Master Cleanser, by Stanly Burroughs
  2. Cleanse & Purify Thyself, by Richard Anderson
  3. Prostate Health in 90 days, by Larry Clapp
  4. Fasting and Eating for Health, by Joel Fuhrman M.D.. This book is not mentioned above but is the first book I read on fasting and is an excellent book written by a medical doctor on fasting. This book will give you a great understanding on the importance of fasting and the health benefits that can be obtained.

Also check out these websites for great info on Zeolites and Liquid Bentonite Clay

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Important note: I am not a licensed health professional. The Lemonade HealthForward Cleanse is not designed to treat or cure any disease. This information is just that, information. If you have a serious illness or health concern you should first seek out the advice of a qualified Health care Professional, especially before starting this Cleanse program.


** Mattson MP, Wan R. Beneficial effects of intermittent fasting and caloric restriction on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems. J Nutr Biochem. 2005;16(3):129-137.

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